Bahria Town Karachi Jinnah Avenu Commercial Adjestment Statred in other Projects

Bahira Town Karachi has started Jinnah Avenue Commercial Form Adjestment in selective Bahria Town Karachi Project. Only registered member can adjust their forms with value up to  RS: 3,000,000 in the following Projects.

  • Midway Commercial – 5 forms
  • Bahria heights – 1 form
  • Ali Block – 1 form
  • Bahria Golf 500 Sq Yard – 1 form
  • Bahria Golf 1000 Sq Yard – 2 form
  • Bahria Golf 2000 Sq Yard – 3 form

Please note only registerd form will be adjusted. Means if you Have open Registration form that will not work. Now the question is you want to adjust the form for your file but that registration form is not on your name? Don’t worry ,all you can do is , print affidavit performa on Rs.20 Stamp paper with thumb and I.D card corp of the orignal registration holder. And present bahria for adjustment ,that it. No presence requried for actual registration member. Overall this is good new for the people who have these BTK Files. If you have already paid your installments, you can avail this Facility.

Adjestment detail:

jinah comercial adjustment

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